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I am as ugly as I seem
Worse than all your dreams could ever make me out to be
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Admittedly this post is for the small number of people in the Northern/Central Florida area but damn, I'm desperate... Do any of you have a copy of Wie Gehts? I've apparently got to get the eight edition that just came out this year, the workbook and cd versions. Which I'd've known sooner if I knew the German for workbook, or had asked Marie. Stupid. I know I'm the only one of you fuckers studying German. Don't tell me I'm the first to take it in college though. :S

Stupid $116 text books.

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So, Jyrki's going to prove what a dork he is at the 21st Helsinki Comics Festival apparently. I'm such a comic geek, I'm planning on getting Gee's comic series when it comes out but I need to get my hands on this some how.

Also, gothicockgod? HAHAHAHAHAHA.


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So! Anon meme. Tell me something interesting. Something I don't know, something you want to talk about, someone you have a crush on, your fave ljer, anything you want. Just remember to log out first or then it's not anon. :P

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