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I am as ugly as I seem

Worse than all your dreams could ever make me out to be

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Wanna hear a fairy tale? Too bad, I'm fresh out. I can however tell you about me. But why would you want to hear something as dull as that? My name is Shelley, this journal is a bit of a haven for me. It's locked, and I'll not add you, so don't ask. Even if you are on my friendslist I tend to filter posts so you might not see all of them. There's enough drama in my life without adding to it. If you really feel the need to add me to something then head over to MySpace (asuglyasiseem). I am bitter, cynical and jaded. I'm sarcastic and moody. Or I can be hyper and bouncy, really depends on when you happen to catch me. I won't change who I am for anyone and if you don't like who I am then you might as well take off now. I'm obessive, a horrible speller, shy, bitchy, odd, kooky, emo, a complete redneck at times, at other times a southernbelle to the nth degree.

Everything on this journal (except the default Jonne Aaron icon) has been made by me, please don't take them. ♥

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